A minute of pre-production can be worth an hour of studio time.
— Michael Beinhorn, producer

purpose of the collaboration

Good preparation is everything to make your music come into its own.
K L A N K M A N makes its experience available to take your music to the next level.


  • Introduction to you / the band and your songs / music.

  • We look at the possibilities regarding the structure and arrangement of the song.

  • We rewrite / delete / fine tune your material, trial & error.

  • We put chords & structure - possibly with lyrics - on paper.

  • We make a solid demo of your song.

We discuss in advance which elements apply to your project.


Singer-songwriters & bands who want to:

  • expand their repertoire

  • optimize rehearsals

  • record demos

  • prepare studio recordings


We are working on pre production:

  • in your own home studio / living room / rehearsal room

  • at K L A N K M A N ‘s place

  • via mail traffic

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