1980: Sam Pieter Janssens | born in Brussels, Belgium
1986: starts with education of music theory, classical guitar, percussion
1990: learns how to play other instruments & writes his first song
1992: makes his first recording on a Tascam cassette 4 track recorder
1994: plays in a band called Feet of Clay
1996: composes his first score for a documentary (‘Op kamp’ - BRT)
2000: goes on tour as support act (solo) for Belgian artist Raymond van het Groenewoud
2002: releases his debut album ‘Bagatel Bxl’ by Toendra (EMI / Need Records)
2003 - today: keeps on playing, composing, recording, producing, scoring
2013: scores his second and third play in a row for Theaterfactorij and Compagnie Tartaren
2016: arise of K L A N K M A N
2019: play ‘Oblivium’ gets nominated for prestigious Landjuweel 2019 award
2020: release of two full albums (recorded & produced by) TBA